28 July 2008

the Real reason why folks move into age-segregated communities

Sure, they say they love kids, they have special social needs, their grandkids love to visit, they deserve this, but the real reason is the exclusivity -- most of the world is kept at bay; life's frictions are edited out....

This from an Active Adult web forum:

"I went to the pool today in my relatively new 55+ community in Sacramento. There was not one single person in the clubhouse or pool. The water was sparkling clear and the silence was beautiful. I swam laps in a peace and quiet that is rare in today's world. While I was drying out in the sun, I couldn't help smile that it was a "private" pool, but I didn't have to do any of the maintenance. Maybe this isn't the social mixing intent of an "active adult community", but I have to tell you, it's like being on Walden Pond with all the amenities."

(fellow bloggers response) -- "I see your point!!"

My response: Walden's Pond with all the amenities? You CAN'T make this shit up. Folks in age-segregated communities have something else in common with Thoreau. The great American philosopher/writer didn't want his taxes to fund the current war at the time (us taking on the Mexicans) and today's Active Adults also want to decide where their taxes go -- to themselves.

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