09 March 2009

Excellent Op-Ed (Australian) based on Leisureville

Leisureville has been released in Australia and New Zealand. Here's a really thoughtful op-ed in a leading newspaper that discusses the book and its ramifications.


Short excerpt:
"A community that refuses to invest in the future sends a message that there is no value in giving back to society unless one directly reaps the rewards. Not only is this selfish, but it is self-destructive. A successful society demands co-operation. It demands that the rewards reaped from the work of past generations are repaid by investing in future generations. Turning your back on young people contributes to the very fragmentation of social values about which you complain."

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Ann said...

In The Villages, the amount of charitable giving and volunteer hours spent in helping the local communities, especially the schools and other organizations which help children, is WAY ABOVE the national average! Thousands of Villages residents participate in fund-raising activities just about every week, and the daily paper abounds with pictures and stories of Villager organizations handing over checks to various non-profits in the area. My most recent "donation" was as a judge in the Middle School Science Fair....Please come back to The Villages and spend some time really getting to know the culture here.....yes, it may be a playground for us seniors, but it's also a hotbed of philanthropy and volunteer commitment.