02 February 2010

A diversion to my last book, Pigeons: a reader email that makes this author swoon

Andrew, I would just like to say that your book about pigeons has totally changed my opinion of pigeons and has led me to become somewhat of an expert in the field in order to try and become their voice and give them a "fair shake." I try to use this newly acquired knowledge to educate a very uninformed public.

I must confess that I have become so fond of the species as a result of reading your book that I have taken to doing the UNTHINKABLE: feeding them in parks, which now has made me a PART OF THE PROBLEM.

I try to justify this by convincing myself that my campaign to have the City of Vancouver set up city run dovecoves based on the PiCAS models. I will be working with the head of the Humane Society of Vancouver to put some clout into my endeavours. You have turned me into a clone of David Roth (minus all the pijjie poop).

Why am I telling you all this? Because I am proof that your book did and will continue to change pigeon prejudice, one human at a time. Thank you for writing such a wonder book. It continues to be my pigeon"bible."


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the fond memories of betrayal come flooding back. A bell really can't be unrung, can it - not that you'd want to, eh, Blechman? -Dave Roth

Andrew D. Blechman said...

Nice to hear from you Dave. Sorry you feel that way. A large number of readers found you quite sympathetic and your work downright inspirational.