13 October 2008

"Develop a sense of community where you live."

[below is an email I've just received from a reader]

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I just finished your wonderful book, Leisureville.

My brother lives in rural Vermont. He purchased land, and applied for a house permit. People actually opposed it, right in front of his face, at town meetings. They told him that their kids were through with the system, and they (the retirees) don't want to pay for other peoples kids to be educated. They want to be the last ones in, and have the door close once their haven is built. Who do they think is going to drive the ambulance to pick them up when they code?

I live in the large town in New Hampshire. The municipality surveyed other towns of its size, and determined most had more police officers. They put out a special election to vote for more officers -- and poof! -- town taxes have to go up to pay for it. Families cannot afford to live in my town anymore due to taxes to pay for the services the selfserving town thinks it needs.

I have lived many places, and I want to congratulate you on your recommend solution: Develop a sense of community where you live. Talk with your neighbors and share your lives. Community is whoever is right in front of you. Thanks for writing such a great book, I loved it. No contrived lifestyle for me!

-- NH

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