18 June 2008

Day of Reckoning Awaits for Secessionist America -- from a reader review

I think this is a reader who really gets it. Frankly, with peak oil approaching, I felt as I wrote the book that I was chronicling the last days of Rome.

What do you think?

An inside look at the ghettoizing of the US. As an EMS provider I get an inside look at age separated communities everyday and always wonder what would motivate someone to put themselves in an environment that would take them away from regular interaction with young, old, black, etc. Andrew Blechman's book is at times very funny and is extremely insightful into the world that is The Villages. It always astounds me when I visit my parents in Florida (they live in a mixed community) how much Florida is becoming like a third world country. Much of it has to do with the gated communities with armed security. Seniors venture out to the airport to pick up grand kids, eat early bird specials, and go back to their versions of America while the help are left to live in satellite communities with terrible schools. Mr. Blechman was actually kind in his critique of The Villages and places like it. The attitudes he describes of some of the residents both in Florida and Arizona towards their neighbors is not any different than the residents of age isolated communities in PA where I live. A day of reckoning is coming. Too many of our elders have chosen to isolate themselves from reality and a price will be paid. Mr. Blechman's book should be a must read for local politicians planning on allowing more of these communities in their neighborhoods.

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