17 June 2008

The "Good Stuff" File: Pissed Off Reader E-Mails (2)

Here's another good one. Understandable anger, but it feels rather misplaced. Can you count the rationalizations?

Dear Mr. Blechman,

You are so full of it and just why do you think people retire?

First, you are wrong; The Villages is not a gated community. The roads are controlled by the county you live in so wake up and know anyone can come on our roads. We have gates but press a button and it opens no prove of anything.

Absence of Halloween! When were you here at Halloween? There are parties everywhere, we love Halloween! Oh yea, no kids, well our place in West Virginia had no kids coming for Halloween so that must have been a bad place and all the farms that don't get kids must be bad places to live. Then there are the bad parents who will not let their kids celebrate Halloween. Where, oh where have you been?

No maternity ward, yea that is what we need, everyone in The Villages are having babies that is what everyone at sixty plus want right now. Why would you want to waste tax payer money, from both inside and outside The Villages, on something that would get very little use. There are three plus maternity wards within twenty minutes of The Villages and The Villages hospital has delivered babies in emergencies. Again, you just don’t seem to check your information.

"Excesses and feelings of entitlement"; we shouldn’t work over forty years, save our money, pay our taxes, and then enjoy that money, is that correct? I guess you want us to leave it to you; at least your parents should leave it to you, why would they want to enjoy spending it on themselves when they have you. I guess I could give it back to you in other social programs. I think I have and still pay a lot of taxes.

We no longer want to pay taxes for schools? Half of our property taxes go to the schools, did you check? The Villages has a charter school and believe me everyone that wants to make money and retire well wants to go to the charter school. The people in The Villages give to all the school causes, tutor students, support sports programs, and help out in any way ask. Now where else in the country do you find this caring? We do ask questions about where the money is spent, like on the student or administrators. So we shouldn’t ask, to make sure, that these kids get what we are paying for in school?

Living in ignorance? Most not all understand how The Villages is run. Why would I chose this way let me just say, you keep your Homeowners Associations running your place, I will keep our way. I have lived under Homeowner Associations up north and I hope never again. Who would want a bunch of people that have no idea what they are doing telling us what they can and can’t do? We get things done in THE VILLAGES not sit around and fight about it for two years.

“Tax-shy seniors” where were you? We are some of the highest tax paying seniors in the state. We are the largest tax base in Sumter County. Did you check any facts? The seniors here, I would bet, pay more than the seniors in your county. Now check that fact out since you don’t seem to check any other facts.

“Ignore the world beyond” again who are you talking to? My wife and I travel all over the world. Just last year we traveled to Australia, and New Zealand for over three weeks then we did six weeks in Eastern and Western Europe. Many, many people travel outside The Villages to places in Florida, the United States, and International. We have at least three travel clubs that I know of and I am sure there are more. So again who told you we ignore the world beyond The Villages? Did you talk to anyone?

Promiscuity in The Villages? I am not single but know many who are and I don’t think they are in bed all the time. When a local doctor tried to say we have this big VD problem she had to take it back after the county said we haven’t been getting those reports. You have to report VD cases to the county health offices. The stories of the resident bachelor? Where you in the military? The stories they could tell about chasing the ladies would make your hair stand up. I am not sure I would believe everything someone chasing the ladies tells me. So you haven’t been involved in being a jock either? They love stories.

Is everything perfect in The Villages I don’t think so but at least get your facts straight before you tell us how bad it is for us to be happy!

David S

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