16 March 2009

Interesting post about computers from a reader who works in a retirement home

People who once used computers to interact have just shut them down or left them behind in their last move. “Can’t be bothered, or don’t want to do than anymore,” is often the reply. And yet I see the computer and the internet as a saving grace for the elder with limiting physical abilities and increasing isolation. I’m advocating for facilities to install access for hook ups to every room/apartment in a facility and to encourage, through planned activities to help elders stay in touch with their families, make new internet friends and stay current in what is happening in the rest of the world.

I’ m also aware of the predators who are on line and the vulnerability of this population. But we learn to protect ourselves when we live in the world outside of retirement homes/villages, why not teach the retirees to be protected?

I think she's got a great point. Nothing more important than staying in touch to help maintain a sense of community and a feeling of connection. What do you think?

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