09 March 2009

Villagers begin to awake from financial slumber....

Hi Andrew:

We have resided in The Villages for approximately 2 years and are currently in the process of selling this home in order to move to a smaller Senior Community in Ocala with no bonds and a great deal of homeowner partcipation in its operations.

When I began reading your book, I was extremely pleased to discover that my Husband and I were not the only people who believe that The Villages is a MONEY ORIENTED VENTURE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE MORSE FAMILY! This was our primary reason for initiating the sale of our house. From the very beginning, all things (property sales, newspaper, re-sales of houses) deals with an extreme amount of "Brainwashing". "How wonderful it is to live in The Villages". This is a bad concept for those of us who are educated, can think independently and ask questions.

Your book "put into context" facts that Villagers should know and should care about before it is too late to relocate!

Thank your for writing it!

Diana P.

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