23 July 2008

How to Get Reluctant Boomers to Buy into Age-Segregated Communities in a Crashing Economy . . . .

A recent advertisement to industry insiders from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB):

Registration Now Open for NAHB's Audio Seminar Get Hesitant Boomers to Buy Now!

If your 50+ consumers are taking a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to buying a new home in the current market, you won't want to miss this valuable audio seminar! To overcome buyers' reluctance, you need to understand that purchasing a new home remains a discretionary decision for this market segment, and anxiety about selling their existing homes is a major obstacle.

Participate and hear about:

Building value and offering incentives that won't break the bank
Making it easier for your buyers to sell their existing home
Why it's more effective to rely on your strengths to motivate your prospects rather than take a reactive stance to the down market
The psychology of today's consumers and how to conquer their fears about buying in the current market
Ways to educate buyers about their current financial portfolio and why they might not have to wait

The Get Hesitant Boomers to Buy Now! audio seminar features a panel of professionals, including large and small-volume builders, who cater to the unique 50+ market.

Register today at www.nahb.org/boomersbuynow. Participants need no special equipment other than a telephone!


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