14 July 2008

The joys of reader emails....

How's this for a rant?


Dear Mr. Blechman:

This is in response to an article on "Leisureville" which ran in the LA Times.

I've read your biography on the Web and no where does it say how old you are. That is a crucial item in addressing your criticisms of adult communities. Therefore, based on what little information I have about you and based on your photo, I have to conclude that you are the typical ME FIRST YUPPY who wants the world to pay for his kids education as well as slough off all his parental responsibilities. For you and your YUPPY conspirators, raising children distracts you from self-love and chablis and brie.

In case you didn't know, this country was based on individual freedom which translates into the right of all individuals to live life as they see fit. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that proscribes the value of society over the individual. I don't understand how you concluded that age segregation reinforces negative stereotypes. Further, it's beyond me how you also concluded that age segregation encourages less charitable instincts. I don't even know what that means.

Instead of writing YUPPY thrash like "Leisureville" and " Pidgeons," why don't you write a muckraking book about the corruption in Congress or the greed of Wall Street and mortgage bankers?

Sincerely, Bill Rivera

Feel free to email him a response. My policy is to respond to all reader emails, but this one...well, I think I'll let it slide. Perhaps Mr. Rivera will enjoy hearing from other readers instead....


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