07 July 2008

"No Seniors Allowed" -- but they can visit....

Try this on for size (from a reader):

As I finished reading your book, "Leisureville" at my parents' place -- they recently acquired 1200 sq. feet of paradise in The Villages -- I kept waiting with baited breath for you to ask the one burning question:

"How would seniors in general, and the AARP in specific, respond to an "Age Qualified" community that required one SELL his/her house and MOVE OUT upon his/her 55th birthday?"

Imagine, "NO SENIORS ALLOWED!" As one single mother of three states, "Well, you know... 'they' don't drive very well, and so often mistake the gas for the brake. I've got small children playing in the front yard! And, well... frankly...they kinda smell funny!"

I'd say it fits. What do you think?


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